that you can use every day, makes us happy.
We developed for consumers who want to experience healthy and trendy products easily and simply at a reasonable price.


Products of coxir [kosiːr]

are mainly made of pure ingredients that are less stimulated to the skin, keeping the skin healthy and balanced.

For each skin types
Cosmetic brand includes various products with
excellent quality such as skin care, cleansing and makeup items while reducing the burden of consumers with fair price.

We have premium care line by each skin types including exfoliating / anti-wrinkle / moisture / brightening / pore care, etc.
Thus, you can choose from wide range of items.


We selected less irritating raw materials and made products through continuous concerns and research.

Feel the beauty that the nature presents, focusing on pure ingredients.

We make your skin healthy and balanced by adding extracts from clean nature, clear air and blue sky.