The secret to clean, glowing skin: Rice extract product

The secret to clean, glowing skin: Rice extract product

Asian people often prefer products made from natural extracts because of their outstanding features, especially their extreme wholesomeness. One of these we have to mention is products extracted from rice—a familiar beauty ingredient for Eastern women.


Why do Eastern women love products extracted from rice?

This natural beauty product is quite popular among women thanks to its safety, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. In the past, people often used white rice. However, recently, skincare enthusiasts are gradually switching to skincare products extracted from brown rice bran because unlike white rice, which has had its nutritious parts removed during processing, brown rice keeps them intact. Brown rice bran contains vitamins that are beneficial for the skin, such as vitamin E and vitamin B5.


Benefits of rice, especially brow rice bran in skincare

Rice bran has been used for a long time, especially in Korea, as a key ingredient in cleansers, masks, toners, and bathing powders to keep the skin smooth and supple. The products containing extracts from rice bran effectively reduce signs of aging while soothing, hydrating, and protecting the skin. As mentioned earlier, brown rice bran contains vitamin E and vitamin B5, which will help improve skin health, making the skin healthier and brighter. Effects have been found when using brown rice for beauty, such as preventing acne, tightening pores, and helping skin whiten. Brown rice bran is used in beauty products such as rice bran mask, rice toner, even rice cleanser and essence.


Recommendation Product

Taking full advantage of the beauty benefits of rice, The Skin House has launched an all-in-one product set extracted from brown rice bran—Rice Active Essence Cleansing Water. Containing the ingredients brown rice bran, panthenol, and castor oil, this product works excellently in removing impurities as well as plumping and moisturizing facial skin.


If previously you had to go through each skincare step with a cleanser, toner, and essence, which is time-consuming, now you can save time with Rice Active Essence Cleansing Water because of its multiple features.


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