Essential Skincare Items to Pack for Summer Vacation

Essential Skincare Items to Pack for Summer Vacation

Summer vacation calls for special attention to skincare due to various issues such as hot and humid weather, jet lag, sun burn, and dehydration.
Here are some must-have items to include in your skincare routine while traveling:

1. All In One Moisturizer

Don't burden yourself with an entire skincare lineup when traveling. Simplify your routine with an all-in-one moisturizer that provides ample hydration and care.
the mositurizer is for neck and face
Coxir Black Snail Collagen All In One Eye Cream is an eye cream, but also for all over your Face and Neck!

2. Lightweight Moisturizer

Say no to sticky and greasy skin! Opt for a lightweight moisturizer that maintains skin moisture without weighing it down. Its light texture will help soothe your skin anytime, anywhere.

You can see the cream being spread between the palms of the hands, forming a white texture. Next to it, there is a description of the product's features.
Although it may have a slimy texture, it absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky or greasy rsidue, ensuring your skin feels fresh and moisturized throughout the day

3. Travel-sized Face Cleanser

Travel-sized products come in handy when reducing the size of your luggage.
Consider a Coxir Green Tea pH Clear Foam Cleanser containing soothing green tea and hydrating snail mucin, which effectively removes impurities and restores the skin's moisture balance.

4. Sunblock

A skincare essential, especially during summer trips. Sunblock is a must-have item for outdoor activities to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Don't forget to reapply it at regular intervals throughout your travel days.

If you’re in search of a sunblock with a fresh, matte finish, we recommend TheSkinHouse UV Protection Sunblock Teatree. Specifically formulated for oily and combination skin, it contains ingredients like Teatree and Centella Asiatica that help maintain the balance between oil and water on your skin and regulate sebum production. With this sunblock, you can enjoy sun protection without worrying about excess shine or greasiness.

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