Toner and Frequently asked questions when using toner

Toner and Frequently asked questions when using toner

What is Toner and why is this a necessary item?

Many people often skip using toner because they believe it has few uses and isn't necessary.

However, toner is one of the most important steps in the skincare cycle. Toner is seen as the backstage crew of skincare. It's the unsung hero that swoops in after cleansing to tackle what your cleanser missed—dirt, bacteria, excess oil—leaving your pores squeaky clean.

Skipping this step? It's like leaving the job half-done and risking those dreaded breakouts.

Toner also helps balance out your skin's oil levels, making it a perfect canvas for soaking up all the goodness from your other skincare products and maintain a stable pH level for the skin.


Frequently asked questions when choosing and using toner:

1) When and How to Toner Up?

So, when's the best time to bring toner into the spotlight?

Morning and night, after cleansing. Just pour a little on a cotton pad, swipe it gently across your face, and voilà! Your skin is primed and ready for the next act.

And hey, age is just a number when it comes to toner. Once you hit puberty and your skin starts throwing tantrums, consider adding toner to your lineup to keep things in check.


2) Can toner help reduce the appearance of pores?

Yes, toners containing ingredients that can help tighten pores and reduce their appearance, for example The Skin House Pore Control Powder Toner is one of the most trusted product among skincare lovers.

Regular use of toner can contribute to smoother, more refined-looking skin over time.


3) Should we choose Korean toner? What makes Korean toner famous?

Korean toners are gaining worldwide fame for good reasons.

They're known for being super hydrating, multitasking wonders that fit perfectly into the popular Korean skincare routine.

With their cool packaging and formulas packed with good stuff, they're a hit in the beauty world.


Top 5 Korean toner Recommendation

Coxir and The Skin House stand out as prominent brands in the skincare industry, renowned for their exceptional product lines.

Garnering significant acclaim from consumers across various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, YesStyle, and social media channels, they have particularly captivated attention with their esteemed toner collections.

Here are some noteworthy toners from these esteemed brands that you might want to consider adding to your skincare arsenal:



   [Top 1]  Coxir Black Snail Collagen Toner 📌

   [Top 2]  The Skin House Wrinkle Supreme Toner 📌

   [Top 3]  Coxir Ultra Hyaluronic Toner 📌 

   [Top 4]  The Skin House Pore Control Powder Toner 📌

   [Top 5]  The Skin House Rice Active Cleansing Water 📌


These products have earned accolades for their effectiveness and have become favorites among skincare enthusiasts.

If you're on the lookout for high-quality toners that deliver visible results, these offerings from Coxir and The Skin House certainly warrant consideration.

If you don't have enough time to do all the skincare steps like using toner, my secret tip for you is using The Skin House Rice Active Essence product all in one.

This product is not only cleansing water but it also acts as daily toner and essence. Very useful and is the must-have product that you should try once.


 Editor. Tracy