How to Prevent Skin Aging: Proper Application of Sunscreen

How to Prevent Skin Aging: Proper Application of Sunscreen

How to Prevent Skin Aging: Proper Application of Sunscreen





Why should We Block UV Rays?

Sunscreen is the final step in your skincare routine and it's essential for protecting your skin from daily sun exposure.



How to Choose the Right Sunscreen for us?

Now, how can you effectively apply sunscreen to block UV rays? Start by selecting a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. Look for the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and PA (Protection Grade of UVA) ratings, which indicate the level of protection against UVB and UVA rays. Also, consider your daily activities, whether you spend most of your time on indoor or outdoor activities.





A higher SPF provides stronger UV protection, and more "+" signs in the PA rating indicate better UVA protection. However, don't simply choose the highest numbers. If you spend most of your time indoors, an SPF of 10-15 should be sufficient. For light outdoor activities, try SPF 10-30, and for prolonged outdoor activities, choose SPF 30 or higher, considering the duration of your activities.



If you have sensitive skin, it's essential to consider whether the sunscreen you choose uses a chemical or physical blocking mechanism. Organic sunscreens are quickly absorbed by the skin, which can sometimes lead to skin issues or allergic reactions. They also tend to wash off easily during water activities. On the other hand, inorganic sunscreens aren't absorbed by the skin, causing less burden, but they may leave a white cast and feel slightly heavy.




Similar to skincare product, sunscreens have various types. The most commonly used type is the cream-based product. If you prefer a lighter feeling, you may also consider the lotion-type sunscreen. There are also spray-form sunscreens available for convenient application. application. Keep in mind that sprays may not provide as long-lasting protection as creams, so they are better suited for reapplication purposes. On the other hand, stick-type sunscreens are targeted and effective on specific areas, requiring careful and thorough application.




Application Tips for Effective Protection

Once you've found the right sunscreen, how should you apply it for maximum effectiveness? The recommended amount for application is 900mg for men and 800mg for women in a single application. Remember, UV rays exist even on cloudy or non-sunny days. Sunscreen is required daily, regardless of the weather. Even with high SPF, reapply every 2-3 hours when exposed to strong sunlight or before you attend outdoor activities. If you swim or sweat excessively, sunscreen may lose its effectiveness, requiring more frequent reapplication.






Skinhousemall's Recommendation

The Skin House's ‘UV Protection Sunblock’ is a versatile product suitable for everyone, leaving no white cast. It can be applied to both the face and body. On days with outdoor activities, consider reapplying this sunscreen multiple times to prevent skin aging and minimize your wrinkles.





For those who prefer extra soothing care, the ‘UV Protection Sunblock Teatree’ provides high sun protection (SPF 50+, PA+++) while containing calming ingredients such as Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree. With its moisturizing cream texture, it applies smoothly and leaves a powdery finish, making it ideal for those with oily or combination skin type.








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