The Trending Hashtag: #SKINCYCLING - What's difference?

The Trending Hashtag: #SKINCYCLING - What's difference?

What is “Skin Cycling”?

The idea of Skin Cycling was introduced in 2021, by American dermatologist 'Whitney Bowe'. The main themes of skin cycling are ‘Minimizing the irritation and maximizing the benefits’. Skin cycling is a skin care routine to maximize the benefits of active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C without damaging the skin barrier. If you have ever experienced the skin irritation from misguidedly applying active ingredients on your skin without considering your skin regeneration, try SKIN CYCLING.
 Skin Cycling: Day1 Exfoliation night Day2 Retinoid night Day3 Recovery night Day4 Recovery night

How to do it?

It’s very simple. It’s a skin care routine which you repeat the cycle with three stages: Exfoliation - Boost up – Rest.



Remove dead skin cells piled on the skin. This is because no matter how beneficial the active ingredients are, if the layer of dead skin cells is blocking its path and clogged pores, they cannot be supplied to your skin. It is best to use chemical exfoliants such as AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs rather than physically removing dead cells such as scrubs.

AHA: All skin types
BHA: Oily, Acne skin
PHA: Dry, Sensitive skin

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It's time to use the powerful active ingredients.
Vitamin A is an anti-aging ingredient that promotes collagen production and increases speed of skin cell regeneration. However, It is a powerful active ingredient with strong effects. If you are new to skin cycling, try using a small amount by starting with a low-concentration product.

If your skin barrier is already damaged or you have sensitive skin, try a product with a low concentration of Vitamin A or vitamin C as well.

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Make sure not to apply active ingredients excessively. Rest your skin so that the active ingredients from the previous day can work properly. It's time to moisturize your skin and restore the skin barrier.
Try a moisturizer containing ceramide, hyaluronic acid, snail mucin, and peptides, and focus on moisturizing the skin and restoring the damaged skin barrier.

After the 4th night, go back to the 1st stage and repeat the cycle. Depending on your skin condition, you may schedule your routine to 3~5 days. Skin-care routine is like an exercise routine. Just like your muscle needs rest after exercise, don't forget that your skin needs time to recover its active ingredients.

Active ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C cause oxidation when exposed to UV rays. Use them at night rather than during the day and apply sunscreen on the next day.

Do you use a cleanser during SKIN CYCLING?
Of course. Regardless of SKIN CYCLING, cleansing is necessary. If you need to remove your makeup, try to use cleansing oil or cleansing water, and use a cleanser with a balanced pH.

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