Solution for irritated skin, Centella Asiatica

Solution for irritated skin, Centella Asiatica



Our skin becomes increasingly sensitive as we face the daily stresses of life. The bustling city air, filled with various pollutants, can easily leave our skin feeling angry and irritated. And as if worsening air pollution, like fine dust, wasn't enough, the worldwide pandemic has added another obstacle—masks that hinder our skin's ability to breathe freely.




During the transitional seasons when our skin's condition tends to fluctuate, fine dust becomes a troublesome foe. Just as we seek to cool our bodies and calm our minds when we're upset, our irritated skin also craves soothing care.




Imagine coming home after a busy day, catching sight of your reflection in the mirror, and find yourself with reddened complexion and pimples caused by heat and stress. In such moments, I have a recommendation to refresh and revitalize your skin: Cica-based products.



The term “Cica” originates from the French word "cicatrice," meaning scar. “Cica” is also an abbreviation for centella asiatica, the key ingredient found in Cica cream.




Centella Asiatica is a remarkable plant rich in soothing elements, perfect for rejuvenating and keeping the skin well-moisturized. The gracious plant contributes approximately 8% of sapogenin, which greatly helps to address skincare concerns.




However, a high concentration of beneficial ingredients does not always guarantee a superior product. Some formulations may incorporate additional components like antibiotics, which may not be desirable. Additionally, sensitive skin may struggle to absorb highly concentrated nutrients. In such cases, skin care products with lightweight textures with smoother absorption is recommended.





Cica products help restore the damaged skin barrier and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. You will be able to feel your skin gradually becoming healthier every day.





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