Solutions for Different Skin Concerns, Collagen & Aloe

Solutions for Different Skin Concerns, Collagen & Aloe

[Tightening care for sagging facial lines: Collagen]


Collagen takes about 90% of the dermis of the skin. However, it rapidly decreases as we the skin ages, and needs to be replenished from the outer source. Starting from the age of 20s, Collagen decreases every year, and by the time we reach 40, it drops to about half the level of our 20s.

Collagen plays a role in supporting the skin tissue. Decrease in collagen cause increase of wrinkles and decrease elasticity of our skin. When the skin is sagging and loses its elasticity, collagen supplementation can be the answer.

If you are experiencing your facial pores becoming sagged and dry, how about applying collagen to your skin to form a moisture barrier?

Here we introduce our collagen products that can help tightening your sagging pores and lifting your facial lines.

The Skin House Wrinkle Supreme Line delivers intensive moisture and nutrition, and cares for the skin to become smooth and elastic.

They are specialized in improving wrinkles by providing deep moisture to the skin and delivering nourishing ingredients that provide elasticity.

The Wrinkle Supreme Line contains red ginseng extract enriched with nutrients, nine mushroom extracts that are good for forming elasticity and moisture, adenosine, and pomegranate extract. They provide deep moisturization of your skin from the deep inside. 

Especially, Red Ginseng extract boosts the skin to regenerate collagen and helps the skin to become elastic.

The Wrinkle Supreme Line consists of four steps: a moisturizing toner and emulsion that cares for the skin hydration and elasticity, a serum that helps improve wrinkles, and a cream that delivers highly concentrated nutrients to care for the skin's firmness. It is recommended to use the toner and serum at the daytime and to use the emulsion and cream together at the night.



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[Immediate Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin: Aloe]


The temperature changes and repetitive exposure to sunlight during the change of seasons can cause dry out and irritation of your skin. Irritated skin can become sensitive and may cause skin rash, redness, itching and stinging sensations.

The best way to soothe damaged and irritated skin is providing hydration. It is recommended to use products focusing on hydration rather than nutrient-rich products because the damaged skin barrier cannot absorb highly concentrated nutrients.

Consistent moisturization helps to soothe the skin and lower the skin surface temperature. It also boosts the skin recovery speed.

Plant-derived ingredients contain a lot of moisture and are commonly used in skincare. Aloe is one of the great examples as it had been used for medical purposes since ancient history.

The Skin House Aloe Fresh line helps to hydrate and soothe skin. It greatly helps to relax the sensitive skin and become healthier and moisturized. It can be casually used by anyone as it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

First, Pump the toner 2~3 times to a cotton pad. Wipe your skin with the pad then apply serum and emulsion in order. This can help maintain moisture on your skin all day long.

The product line includes toner, emulsion, and serum. Applying with the Wrinkle Supreme Collagen Cream together at night will help you to balance the level of hydration and oil on your skin.



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